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“Yardem” Mosque for the first time held remote iftar for 2000 needy

Today, on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, iftar for 2 thousand needy residents of the city was organized in the Kazan “Yardem” mosque. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, iftar is carried out remotely. Hot lunches prepared in the mosque’s kitchen and packed in special lunch boxes, 70 volunteers delivered to Kazan believers and those in need at home.

The first iftar was conducted by the Mayor of Kazan, Ilsur Metshin. He visited the Yardem Mosque, talked with volunteers who are involved in the delivery of iftar sets, and congratulated them on the beginning of the month of Ramadan. The head of the city also communicated with children by video link, to whom 70 tablets and smartphones for distance learning were handed out the day before.

Today, the “Yardem” Foundation’s charity Iftar home delivery project was launched as part of the Road of Life campaign. With the beginning of Charity Iftar, the number of servings that will be delivered to citizens increased from 800 to 2 thousand per day.

Today, the lunch box consisted of Andijan pilaf with chickpeas and lamb, sliced from tomatoes and cucumbers, pastilles, boiled eggs and chicken elesha. A protective reusable mask is enclosed in each lunch box package. In addition, today, in honor of the holiday, greeting cards on behalf of Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin, including those printed in Braille for the blind, are enclosed in sets. Poor families will also receive 1000 tea sets from Behetle with creamy sweets, lemons, condensed milk, dates, tea, chuck chuck, apples.

“In Kazan, the number of people who help their neighbors is growing. This is very important, especially in difficult times that have come for the whole world, ”said the Mayor. - There are always those who need help: families with children with disabilities, the poor, large families and so on. It is very pleasing that in Kazan they always find support among sympathetic citizens. ”

All dishes are prepared and packaged in special rooms of the Yardem Mosque. “We are trying to diversify the menu,” said Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov. - We deliver lunches to the most vulnerable groups of the population. For example, 52% of the beneficiaries are disabled people of the first group, 39% are disabled people of the second group, who are physically difficult to cook food. We also provide assistance to large, low-income families and single pensioners. ”

“The Yardem Charitable Foundation is a very eloquent example of systemic assistance,” said Ilsur Metshin. - Many other funds in our city also sincerely support us. Today we are especially pleased to participate in a charitable deed. It makes my heart warmer. After all, giving gifts is always more pleasant than receiving them. ”

The mayor of Kazan talked to the volunteers and thanked them for their responsiveness. “You are doing a great and important thing. We all feel great pride that such caring young children live in our city, ”I. Metshin addressed the volunteers. - This is hard and responsible work. May the good that you do come back to you a hundredfold.”

One of the volunteers, Mukhtar Muhamat Abdoulay, arrived in Kazan from the African state of Chad. Working at a charity foundation is a source of great inspiration, he said. “What Yardem and our volunteer team do is a very pleasant job. For me, Kazan and volunteering are all, ”he said. “We are very pleased that you appreciate our work.”

Khaidar Kamaletdinov, who has been volunteering since the beginning of the “Road of Life” campaign, told the Mayor that the townspeople already know him well and are waiting with joy. “I have 18 addresses, I distribute dinners to 30 residents of the Aircraft Building District,” he said. “I’ve been having lunch boxes for the third week, so we almost made friends with our wards.”

Ilsur Metshin also talked via video link with children - wards of the Yardem Foundation (foster children of the vice president of the foundation, Malika Khanum Gelmutdinova from Family Hearth and the Good Kazan project, who received tablets and smartphones for distance learning as a gift from the Mayor the day before. To date, 70 children have received them. The children thanked the mayor for their help and told him about their achievements in learning and creativity. The children from the Family Hearth congratulated the mayor on his birthday. In addition to tablets and smartphones, they also received a bicycle s.

Together with the press service of the Executive Committee of the city of Kazan and (Ksenia Shvetsova).