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“Yardem” Foundation Launches “Road of Life” Social Project

“Yardem” Foundation calls on its wards to maintain a regime of self-isolation.

The whole world is concerned about the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. There is a difficult economic situation in Russia, but this is not a reason to forget about charity. On the contrary, we must understand that people with disabilities, orphans and the poor have more than ever before needed our help.

The “Yardem” Foundation does not intend to stop helping the blind, deaf, children with cerebral palsy, orphans. In the near future, the “Yardem” Foundation planned a social project, “Road of Life,” within the framework of which we plan to provide daily food to those in need throughout Kazan and its environs.

Targeted assistance, in the form of lunch boxes with hot food, will be delivered to addresses, Yardem Foundation volunteers, in personal protective equipment. Before departure, all volunteers undergo a medical examination. In addition, food distribution will be organized for homeless people.

Everyone can take part in this good deed, and we ask you not to stay away from universal grief and become hope for the destitute.

We appeal to you as a person known for his good deeds and offer to take part in this good deed.

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Details of the National Islamic Charitable Fund "Yardem":

NICF “Yardem”

TIN 1658087725 CSR 165801001 PSRN 1071600003530

BIC 049205603

р/с 40703810562000000971

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to the Branch "BANK of Tatarstan" 8610 PJSC Sberbank.

Purpose of payment: "Charitable aid for feeding the poor."