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Today marks 13 years since the date of official registration in the Islamic Charitable Foundation "Yardem"

Today marks 13 years since the date of official registration in the Islamic Charitable Foundation "Yardem"

The Yardem National Islamic Charitable Foundation has been operating since the early 2000s, and was officially registered in 2007. A team of like-minded people has gained tremendous experience in social work.

Today, the foundation implements projects in more than ten areas. The scope of good deeds and the circle of people whom the “Yardem” Foundation has helped and is helping have expanded significantly since then.

“Yardem” met his thirteenth anniversary of the NICF, realizing the charity event “Road of Life”. This year, charity is of particular importance, because of the events caused by the spread of coronavirus, the most socially unprotected sections of the population were hit, the crisis put many people, even those who had not experienced difficulties, in an extremely difficult situation.

Since the beginning of April, the “Yardem” Foundation launched the social project Road of Life, thanks to which people in Kazan with disabilities - blind, deaf, wheelchairs, people diagnosed with cerebral palsy, lonely pensioners, poor, large families, regardless of their confessional and national origin, receive free daily hot meals in lunch boxes and, if necessary, medicines, masks. The project also provides distribution of dinners to people with no fixed abode.

The number of people wishing to receive meals today is about 800 people, and during the month of Ramadan, the number of daily beneficiaries will increase by 2-3 times to 2000 people.

The leaders of the NICF "Yardem" express great gratitude to those many who supported the campaign "Road of Life". The Yardem Foundation gathers like-minded people and urges everyone not to stay away from those who need our help.

In the month of Ramadan, the campaign "Road of Life" will become the basis for the project "Charity Iftar with home delivery." In it, as in the campaign "Road of Life", volunteers and fund employees will deliver lunch boxes with food to those in need, as well as to fasting Muslims.