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The “Yardem” Foundation mourns over the death of mother Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov

Tonight, at the age of 85, the mother of the leaders of the “Yardem” Foundation, Ildar Hazrat Bayazitova and Malika Khanum Gelmutdinova, respected Sania apa, left for another world. The staff of the “Yardem” Foundation and Mosque condole with you and your family about the death of the closest person and shares with you an irreparable loss.

Let me express our condolences. May Allah grant you patience! May Allah reward you with more reward, relief from difficulties and forgiveness of your mother. May Allah introduce her to the Gardens of Eden.

Verily, we are all created by Allah Almighty and belong to Him, and, truly, we will all return to Him. All decisions come from the Almighty and Great Allah.