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The representatives of NICF “Yardem” participate in II World Tolerance Summit in Dubai (UAE)

In these days the mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Sammigullin is in Dubai (UAE) with working visit as a
part of the official delegation from Republic of Tatarstan in charge of President of RT, Rustam
Nurgalievich Minnikhanov, for participating in II World Tolerance Summit.
The leader of Muslims of Tatarstan is participating in summit as an expert on organization of activities of
Islamic religious institutions in conditions policonfessional and multinational society in Russia.

In summit also participate the representatives of the National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardem”:
mufti of Tatarstan advisor on social issues, the chairman of NICF “Yardem” Ildar hazrat Bayazitov, the
president of NICF “Yardem” Ilgam Ismagilov and fund employee Fanis Mingaraev. They represent on
summit social projects of the Foundation. Nowadays by the Foundation projects on more than 10
directions are realized. To do good, to help – are the most important goal of the “Yardem” and this help
doesn’t depend on age, status, nationality or worship.  

On periodic basis and without government funding the Foundation realize not only rehabilitation of
different categories of disabled persons, but also other charity: free dinners for the homeless,
supporting of stumbled people in the penetrating institutions, rehabilitation of alcohol and drug
dependents, sharing food with the indigent and large families, daily iftars (breaking of the fast) during
the month Ramazan, address material assistance.

Also the Foundation supports children house “Family hearth”, the pension for boys in the village
Burbash of Baltasi district, holds psychological seminars for parents of special kids, organize sports
events for disabled persons, prints literature for sightless with Luis Braille font. All year round the
courses of learning Holy Quran are conducted. The holiday dinner during Kurban celebration for people
in need and charity dinners for parishioners and wards of the foundation already became a good

II World Tolerance Summit is timed to International day of tolerance, which annually celebrates 16
November in recognition of the concept of tolerance as a language of mutual understanding and
dialogue. The event passes under the auspices of vice president, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His
Highness sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid Al Maktuma, and it’s dedicated to the topic of  “Tolerance in
multiculturalism: achievement in social, economic and humane benefits in tolerant world”.

The senior government officials, peace experts, scientist, specialists, social workers, envoys of     the
international diplomatic community, clerics, international associations, organizations and university
students participate in this event.

The aim of the summit is searching for new innovative decision for establishing productive partnership,
conducing to tolerance and pluralism.

Based on materials of Muslim Spiritual Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan.