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The rehabilitation centre of “Yardem” foundation became a family for me – Artem Mironov from Petersburg

“The rehabilitation centre of “Yardem” foundation became a family for me. And not just for me. Probably, everybody will agree with me. For me the “Yardem” foundation associates with the mosaic. Because the mosaic takes shape from small pieces. All of people sitting here is that piece. So from these pieces friendly, family, warm mosaic got together.” – said our rehabilitant Artem Mironov from Petersburg on solemn closing of courses in “Support each other” project, which recently won the grant of RF President. By the way, the family theme sounded several times that day.

By the words of director of education-rehabilitation centre under NICF “Yardem” and the leader of the project, Malika Gelmutdinova, “There is no such beautiful feeling as feeling that you have made a drop of good. That’s why the motto of our project became the phrase: “From the drop of good starts the ocean of possibilities!”

During two weeks the rehabilitants from Ulyanovsk, Cheboxar, Kemerovo region, the Republic of Chuvashiya, Saint-Petersburg, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Mariy-El were studying, doing sport, getting advices from psychologist and lawyer, increasing their self-esteem, became more confident in their strength and supported each other with both words and deed.

As Valentine Kuznetsova, Sergey Kolesnikov’s grandmother, that came to the courses the second time, expressed, the name of the project coincides the content. Despite grandmother’s fatigue, they decided to visit “Yardem” this time.

During the Islam Kayumov’s mother, Gulina Kayumova, which also came the second time to the courses for people on wheelchair, here is the tolerant attitude to all rehabilitants. In the thanksgiving letter, which she handed over Malika Khanum, the rehabilitants thanked “for kindness and tenderness, selfless love, for enabling to see the ocean of possibilities of our inner world”. As one of rehabilitant, Ilnur Azizov, mentioned, here they don’t look at us as to disabled people and thanked the organizers for warmth and sensitivity.

Our rehabilitants also made friends in the face of “Yardem” foundation’s employee and they going to chat together in the future. It is important to note, that some rehabilitant for the first time without parents decided to the long trip and adopted fast. They passed spiritual and physical rehabilitation.

The “Support each other” project in the “Yardem” rehabilitation centre is financed by the President’s grant and the facilities of “Yardem” foundation.