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The Rehabilitation Center of the NICF “Yardem” completed the courses on the “See and Hear by Heart” project

Today, February 19, the first month-long rehabilitation courses for blind and visually impaired people under the project “See and hear with the heart” completed this year in a warm, family atmosphere at the Rehabilitation Center of the National Islamic Charitable Fund “Yardem”. Courses on the project "See and hear with your heart" gathered blind and visually impaired people from 14 regions of Russia (including Tatarstan).

The courses on the “See and hear with my heart” project were supported by PJSC LUKOIL - LLC RITEK and subsidies from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan and at the expense of Yardem National Islamic Charitable Fund. This is the largest project that is aimed at helping the blind and visually impaired.

The head of the project, vice president of the fund, director of the Rehabilitation Center at the NIBF “Yardem” Malika khanum Gelmutdinova took part in the solemn meeting devoted to the completion of the courses. “Behind the month of joint painstaking work, knowledge of knowledge, skills and abilities. Despite the age differences, you have proved to be a single, workable group. You have a common cause connected with overcoming life's difficulties. Your positive attitude, warm and emotional atmosphere helped you easily and successfully cope with the tasks. We are sure that the acquired skills and knowledge, gained experience will help you in the future in everyday life. I want to thank you for your diligence, for your desire to study, for fruitful work, for achieving good results, ”she said.

Each rehabilitant, arriving at the “Yardem” Foundation Rehabilitation Center, has a specific goal: someone wants to learn how to read the Koran in Braille, learn the basics of Islam, the Koran in flat print and Arabic, Braille, learn how to work on a computer, get acquainted with literature in braille, etc. And each time you are convinced that the rehabilitants achieve their goal. And today, wards of the foundation gladly shared that they took from the courses what they aspired with all their heart. Rehabilitants noted that the teachers not only provided knowledge and explained everything intelligibly, but at the same time they were friends and psychologists.

Moreover, the rehabilitants admitted that they came here as if they were home. “The most important thing is spiritual. I’m objecting here,” they say, emphasizing that every time I want to come back here. This is not the first time Svetlana Gambaryan from Kislovodsk, who recently lost her sight, is in “Yardem”. “I learned to live here. Malika Khanum, a big bow to you for creating a family here, I would even say a family,” she said. “We have become one big family,” blind and visually impaired rehabilitants say with one voice. Friendliness and comfort, a comprehensive training and rehabilitation program did not leave anyone indifferent. “Thank you for mercy and kindness. We feel your kindness, ”say the wards of the “Yardem” Foundation.

In the end, the most distinguished rehabilitants were presented with the full set of the Koran, the thirtieth juzz of the Koran, the Book of Tajwid (rules for reading the Koran) and the book "Vision" by Malika Gelmutdinova.