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The rehabilitants of “Yardem” foundation comprehend the basics of programming

On every check-in of rehabilitation courses of “Support each other” project the people wanting to comprehend the basics of programming is quite a lot, this check-in is not an exception. In the group, the rehabilitants of different computer knowledge level is gathered.

The basic course includes learning the basics in work with computer and the Internet. The participants of the courses study to download programs (MS Word, MS Excel), to format text, to use different objects, draw up table documents, to work with formulas.

As a teacher of computer literacy, Renat Miftyakhutdinov, said, on these courses we decided to try the new direction of computer classes. It is the programming basics. Our rehabilitants expressed the desire to try themselves in site-building.

The teaching NICF “Yardem” foundation’s wards to the computer literacy gives them effective instrument of free and independent access to social informational resources, this helps in their socialisation. The lessons pass in special classes of the Centre, the computers are equipped with all the required programs.

The “Support each other” project in the “Yardem” rehabilitation centre is financed by the President’s grant and the facilities of “Yardem” foundation.