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The rehabilitants of the “Support each other project” take courses of psycho-emotional support

The educational program for rehabilitants of “Yardem foundation (disabled people on wheelchair, people with the disease of musculoskeletal system and with cerebral palsy), who pass the comprehensive rehabilitation on “Support each other project”, includes courses of psycho-emotional support. Some courses are already passed.

The art-therapy classes are held by psychology Tatyana Ryabtseva and Alexandrina Yusupova.

The indicators for passage the correctional course of psycho-emotional support are increased anxiety, different fears, increased touchiness, motor disinhibition, emotional instability and problems in communication. That’s why the aim of the specialists, which work with the group like that, is to put a decrease in psychophysical stress, creating conditions to overcome the fears, increasing the self-esteem of the rehabilitant, regulation the muscle tension, development of tactile sensitivity.

Recently, the psychologist Tatyana Ryabtseva, due to problem-solving, offered to the rehabilitants the games with the kinetic sand. The developed set of exercises and games harmonizes psycho-emotional state, gives the possibility for self-realization and self-expression and facilitates the communication process. On the classes of art-therapy also sorted the topic of help and support.

The rehabilitation courses pass in the condition of co-financing: with the use of the president’s grant of Russian Federation to the development of the civil society, which was given to the “Yardem” foundation and with the NICF “Yardem” facilities.