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The rainbow watercolour, kind words, attention and care filled another day course participants

The art-therapy is good for its availability to everyone, and it is able to fill the life with joy – says psychologist and teacher of art-therapy, Alexandra Yusupova. The aim of the art-therapy is to give vent to deep emotional experience, to free consciousness and soul, to fill with the positive emotional resources. The courses of psycho-emotional support takes an important place in “Support each other” project of “Yardem” foundation.

When the rehabilitants share their happy stories in the group, show the drawings, then happiness feels like expanding and charging surroundings. The psyche has no past and future, there is only the present moment and if the attention is directed on good, then emotions of happiness are inevitable.

As A. Yusupova mentioned, recently the art-therapy class was dedicated to the searching the force inside yourself. What cannot be taken from person? You can’t take, that always stays with him - breathing, consciousness, memory and attention.

“We made meditative practise, conscious breathing, we drew happy memories and said thanks. If our attention is directed to the grace and, it gives force and happiness, if attention directed to misery and pain, then it takes you forces back. Rainbow watercolour, kind words, attention and care filled another day of participants,” – said psychology.

The “Support each other” project in the “Yardem” rehabilitation centre is financed by the President’s grant and the facilities of “Yardem” foundation.