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The pupils of the 55th secondary school of Kazan city as a part of “Week of meta subject” visited the “ZurKazan” typography under the “Yardem” foundat

The pupils of 3rd grades of 55th secondary school of Moskovskiy district in Kazan has visited the “ZurKazan” typography under the “Yardem” foundation as a part of “Week of meta subject”, which is connected with the theme of “Role of the books in children’s life”.

The aim of the excursion is to know and to see with your own eyes, how the book is created and born. The children became acquainted with the employee of the typography, they knew which type of product is released by the “ZurKazan” typography. And the most important, they knew that besides well-known flat printing, and there is also the Braille print and books for sightless people exist. The children were satisfied by the excursion.