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The lessons of applied art are popular among students

The autumn is on the streets. And the winter is not that far. It’s dull… But our rehabilitant, which passes the course of rehabilitation under the “Support each other” project, have warm at heart, and the flowers are blooming.

The lessons of applied art are popular among the rehabilitants. These lessons are held by our specialists as an art-therapy.

On lessons the different techniques of making crafts from natural material, plasticine, cloth and recybale materials are used, they also weave, engage in beadwork, make soap. The lessons are structured that way, so they would be available to every student.

The specialists’ main aim is developing individual features, fine motor skills improvement, development of imaginative thinking, spatial orientation, ability to generalize, comparing and analysing.

The “Support each other” project in the “Yardem” rehabilitation centre is financed by the President’s grant and the facilities of “Yardem” foundation.