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The leaders of the NIBF "Yardem" took part in a "round table"

The day before, as part of the round table, a meeting of members of the Public Supervisory Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan was held, consisting of I. Satdinov, A. Ya. Zaripova, I. F. Ismagilova, M. G. Helmutdinova, G. G. Balafendieva, expert of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan ., public assistant of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan Troshina T.V. and the leadership of the Kazan Linear Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport.

The photo source: POC RT

Deputy Head of Police Stankevich V.N. spoke about the activities of the Kazan Linear Administration as part of the roundtable, and reported on the results of the work and the results of the work. So in the Kazan Line Office there are two places of compulsory detention of citizens. At the Kazan airport - 3 special rooms for detainees, where for the period from January 1 of the current year to the present there were 12 people and at the “Kazan 1” railway station - 1 room where 13 citizens were located for the indicated period.

As a result of the meeting, members of the commission checked the premises located at the Kazan 1 Railway Station to detain detainees. The stands were examined, including those with information about human rights organizations.