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The first meeting in 2020 of the Public Supervisory Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan took place in the building of NIBF "Yardem"

Today, in the building of the Yardem National Islamic Charitable Fund, the first meeting of the Public Observatory Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2020 was chaired by Azat Gainutdinov. At it, Ilnur Satdinov was elected deputy chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan.

It should be noted that the leaders of the Yardem Foundation have been members of the Public Supervisory Commission of the RT for more than a year.

At the meeting, the results of activities for 2019 were summed up, the problems encountered during visits to places of detention and ways to solve them were announced. The plan of the main organizational measures of the Public Observatory Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan for the first half of 2020 was also approved, taking into account the wishes of members of the PMC of RT. Members of the PMC RT were offered the Rules of Work, a list of places of forced detention and a reporting form.

As Azat Gainutdinov noted at the meeting, the work of the PMC of RT is to identify and resolve issues that arise on the ground. Work for the result. "I am a supporter of resolving these issues through negotiations." The interaction with the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Republic of Tatarstan has been established; in the near future, members of the PMC RT intend to begin work with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Tatarstan. We must work in concert and together - this is the position held by members of the PMC of RT.

At today's meeting, the issue of visiting special institutions where children and adolescents were detained was also raised. Members of the PMC RT are going to visit the Raif special school for adolescents with deviant behavior in the near future. It is also planned to visit the Izhevsk educational colony and meet with teenagers from Tatarstan.

As the adviser to the Mufti of Tatarstan, the chairman of the Board of the Yardem Foundation, Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov, members of the PMC are also worried about the problem of disabled people and issues of accessible environment in places of detention. “During the design, issues of an accessible environment must be taken into account,” he said. Members of the PMC RT in such cases decided to apply officially to the relevant authorities. The meeting also raised issues of timely treatment of convicts.

Public monitoring commissions in the Russian regions were created in 2008. The task of organizations is to help people in places of forced detention. Members of the PMC have the right to visit special institutions without special permission, to talk with suspects, accused and convicted. The new composition of the PMC RT was created on October 30, 2019