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The direction of “Yardem” foundation visited the colony №5 of Republic of Tatarstan

The Mufti Social Advisor of RT Ildar khazrat Bayazitov, the president of National Islamic Charitable Foundation of “Yardem” foundation Ismagilov Ilgam Fathirakhmanovich, the director of education rehabilitation centre Malika Rafkatovna Gelmutdinova, the imam of the “Yardem” mosque Rafis khazrat Sayfullin visited CF-5 of Sviyazhsk city. The colony number 5 differentiates from others with the presence of the mosque on the territory, which is visited more than 200 Muslims.

During the visit with the Muslim prisoners the preaching was conducted about the relevance of Prophet Muhammad, the importance of learning his life path, the greatness of Rabig al Avval month, also visitors had a conversation about on exciting questions for prisoners tangentially the life, performance of religious life and relationship with the direction of the colony. During the conversation from one of the prisoners the appeal was received with the request for help with the vision preservation surgery, because while he served the sentence, he blinded in one eye and the second eye sees 20 percent. Ildar Khazrat received the appeal and promised to provide all possible assistance.

During the visit the representatives visited the Detention Unit, dormitory, club and dining room.