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The December issue of the video magazine of the Yardem Foundation is on the YouTube channel

The December issues of the video magazine of the “Yardem” National Islamic Charity Foundation in Russian and Tatar were released. The December issues of the video magazine of the “Yardem” charity foundation are dedicated to the results of 2019. Historical events for the foundation are also noted and the opinions of guests are heard in it.

2019 was rich in good deeds. Rehabilitation courses alone, which took place at the center of the Yardem Foundation, were 9 on three projects. The Fund conducts its activities in many areas, and in addition to the courses, there are still many things to be proud of. And may Allah reward all who do good deeds and help the Yardem Foundation do them!

It is noteworthy that the Russian edition is accompanied with sign language (sign language for the deaf). This gives a great opportunity for the deaf-mute to keep abreast of events that take place within the walls of the foundation and to take part in the implementation of social projects themselves. Interpreting is provided by Raisa Sabirzyanova, a former rehabilitant of the Talking Hands course for the deaf and hard of hearing.