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The charity dinner to the disabled people has passed in the marquee of “Yardem” foundation

Yesterday within a Decade of disabled people, which started in Kazan from the 1st December, in the “Yardem” foundation marquee has passed the charity dinner to the disabled people. Today the representatives of different disabled society – visually impaired people, deaf, disabled on the wheelchair, people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and with cerebral palsy, the members of disabled society of Yudino – has come to dinner.

As Khabir Hazrat Khanov (the representative of NICF “Yardem”, the deputy of Imam-Mukhtasib of Kirovskiy and Kirovskiy districts) mentioned, for “Yardem” foundation the Decade of disabled people is a great possibility to show the directions of the work and sincerity of intents. “The Holy Quran urges us to do good things. These good things should be not just in your heart, but it should be sincerely. When our intentions and deeds coincide, we can reach the great results” – he said.

According to the chairman of Tatar regional organization of all-Russian social organisation of disabled people, Vladimir Fedorin, it has become the good tradition to meet in Decade of disabled people in the “Yardem” marquee. “The Management and the collective of the “Yardem” foundation organized such a great holiday for us. Today is exactly that holiday, where the friends got together to meet, to communicate, to share some news. And we come here with pleasure, because we know, that we will be accepted warm, we will feel cosiness and benevolence. And of course, it attracts.” – he said, thanks for such great multifaceted work in the area of rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities.

According to the Nail’ Safargaleyev (the director of a special library for blind and visually impaired people), when the Decade of disabled people passes, the humanity rises, people meet each other like friends and relatives. “We meet with those, who deals with volunteers and helps people with disabilities. And this, in its turn, helps us in future life.” – said N. Safargaleyev.

The society of disabled people in the Yudino village for many years interacts with “Yardem” foundation. According to the chairman of the society Tatyana Nikolayeva, the Decade of the disabled people is hard to call a holiday. But despite this, she believes that “it is really good that such day exists, when we can meet, share our achievements and problems. Because the disabled is not a person that lives on alms, but a person deprived of health, but talented in much more” – says T. Nikolayeva.

The visually impaired Anisa Vasilyeva especially came on Charity dinner from Chuvashiya. She was five time on that courses of rehabilitation. “I am happy to come back home. It is my second home. I was taught everything here. For disabled people the rehabilitation, studying the skills is the basic help. Alhamdulillah, I ended up in the “Yardem” and got it in full” – she says.

On the charity Dinner in “Yardem” the disabled people thanked the “Yardem” foundation for the help and warmth, the love and respect, the support, which they get here.

After these courses the rehabilitants get the charge of optimism and cheerfulness. For example, the disabled on the wheelchair, Rasim Karimov, got the job after courses, learned skills of video editing and now participates in “Yardem” foundation life. He is thankful for “Yardem” foundation, which changed his life.

December 9