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The chairman of the Board of the “Yardem” Foundation, Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov, created a YouTube channel

Dear friends! A few days ago, a person who devoted his whole life to social service and helping those in need, Ildar Khazrat Bayazitov, had his own YouTube channel dedicated to his life and work.

He is the president of the National Union of Philanthropists, the chairman of the Council of the National Islamic Charitable Foundation "Yardem", the social affairs adviser of the Tatarstan mufti - a person who entered the top 100 influential Muslims of Russia in 2019 according to the Business Online business electronic newspaper.

Ildar Bayazitov is an example of a new generation of leaders engaged in actively and productively various social projects in Russia and abroad. He is a well-known religious minister, and a public figure, and an actively writing journalist, journalist, and administrator-practitioner in one person, including.

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