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The Brailleists began reading the Holy Quran

A thousand kilometers from his home. Day by train. What attracts these people so that they come to the Yardem Foundation Rehabilitation Center? The answer is simple. They left their home to learn knowledge. The intention is sincere: to learn to read the Quran correctly.

From the beginning of the course, the braille group studied hard: first letters, then rules. Teacher Muhammadamin Zakirov is very proud of his diligent students.

It is not so easy for a blind person to learn to read the Quran; it requires willpower, diligence and greater desire. And the fingers should not fail: to probe every point (to collect a whole letter from these points) and read on.

Fortunately, the rehabilitation program at the center is designed in such a way that the blind can comprehensively solve a particular issue. In this case, they are engaged in decorating plates at the lessons of applied art. This type of creativity, first of all, contributes to the development of fine motor skills. Fingers become more sensitive and this, in turn, facilitates the reading of the Holy Quran.