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Tatarstan Mufti’s Social Advisor, Ildar khazrat Bayazitov, shared an experience of MSA of RT in the work with convicted people in BIA

Yesterday, in 19th day of Rabi al-Akhir (16th December), in the Bulgarian Islamic Academy the seminar “Imam’s work in the places of imprisonment” took place. The seminar was opened with the participation of Ildar hazrat Bayazitov (Imam-muhtasib of Moscovskiy and Kirovskiy districts, Chairman of Board of the “Yardem”foundation), Ildar Galiev (Chief of Staff of the Anti-Terrorism Commission of Tatarstan), Rafael Davleyev (Chef Assistant of FSIN of Tatarstan), Azat Haynutdinov (director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization).

On behalf of Tatarstan Mufti, Kamil hazrat Samigullin, Ildar hazrat Bayazitov welcomed event participants. In his speech he told about preventive work of Spiritual Administration with convicted. As Tatarstan Mufti’s advisor mentioned, SAM together with FSIN of Tatarstan conducts active outreach with Muslims, serving sentences in penal colonies of the republic with the aim of preventing the manifestations of extremism. Wherein Tatarstan was recognized as leader among other regions in the sphere of religious institutions’ work with prisoners, said Ildar hazrat.

Nowadays in all colonies of republic the prayer rooms or mosques function. They are visited by more than 500 convicted, that read namaz, abide by fasting and law of Shariat. Every institution has its own experienced, specially toughed imams, that are in close interaction with FSIN employee and actively work on religious education of prisoners. The meetings with religious activists pass weekly in every prison of Tatarstan. Besides, work on providing prisoners with verified religious literature is established, events dedicated to Islamic holidays are organized. So the colony library is increased by the religious literature of “Huzur” Publishing House. Traditionally colonies are supplied by the meat to Kurban-bayram, and by the products for holding the Iftar during Ramadan month.