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Rehabilitants of the Yardem Foundation visited the Literary Museum of E.A. Boratynsky in Kazan

One of the tasks of the Yardam Foundation's project for the rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired "See and hear with the heart" is to attract public attention to the problem of people with disabilities. The appearance of people with disabilities in public places is imperative. The emergence of persons with disabilities in places such as theaters, exhibitions, museums, etc., is also a form of attracting the attention of society. Given this factor, a significant place in the rehabilitation program is given to the sociocultural component.

Recently, the Yardem Foundation’s rehabilitants visited the Literary Museum of E.A. Boratynsky in Kazan is the only museum in Russia of the great Russian poet Yevgeny Abramovich Boratynsky, a master of elegia and philosophical lyrics.

The museum is located in an old noble estate that belonged to three generations of the poet’s descendants from 1869 to 1918. In addition to the main topic relating to E.A. Boratynsky, the museum is engaged in the creative heritage of the great-granddaughter of the poet - writer of the Russian abroad and the poet of the silver age Olga Aleksandrovna Ilyina-Boratynsky and the life-history of several generations of this family.

The exposition of the museum “Twilight and Sunrises of the Boratynsky House”, opened in 2015, tells about the life, work, and spiritual searches of the poet and his descendants. Intravital editions and a collection of personal items by E.A. Boratynsky; etchings V.A. Zhukovsky, a desk at which, according to family tradition, Alexander Pushkin worked during his stay in Kazan in September 1833, a lifetime portrait of Kazan governor Irakli Boratynsky, the poet’s brother.

The museum, continuing the spiritual traditions of the Boratynsky family, carries out extensive cultural and educational work. The museum, which stores the "warmth of the Boratynsky House", is very popular with Kazan and city guests.