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“Patience and work - all will grind”: Braille six-point can be mastered!

Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. So, the rehabilitation courses for the “See and Hear by Heart” project, organized by the “Yardem” Foundation, are coming to an end. It's time to take stock. Today we will talk about our brailists, who studied Russian braille for a month. In this group there were both blind and visually impaired. The latter are slowly setting eyesight. And the deterioration of vision for them was clearly not a joyful event.

But that did not stop them. They began to study Russian braille with renewed vigor. No wonder they say: "Patience and work - all will grind." And not only patience, but also diligence, again diligence.

What do we see today? We see that the Braille six-point can be easily mastered. Blind and visually impaired rehabilitants write and read. Reading, of course, is not easy. Fingers are not used to it yet. There is still work to do. But poems of his own composition are ready for voice acting.