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Malika Khanum Gelmutdinova became the cavalier of badge of honour of child recognition “Ladoshki order”

12 October 2019 in biomedical lyceum of Saratov city took place another ceremony of a rewarding cavalier of social badge of honour of child recognition “Ladoshki order”.   

Annually laureates of this prize are chosen by children, by anonymous voting. The elected ones this time became vice-president of National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardem”, director of educational rehabilitation centre and mother of 10 disabled children Malika Gelmutdinova, Russian filmmaker and screenwriter, artistic director of children’s newsreel “Yeralash” Boris Grachevskiy, vocal teacher, the founder and permanent leader of children’s choir Mariya Struve, the author of numerous math school books Lyudmila Peterson, teacher of primary classes with more than 40-year experience Mihail Rabulets.

After Malika Khanum Gelmutdinova got the badge of children recognition she said: “For me this regarding was very unexpected and at the same time pleasant. I was really thrilled and touched to the core when I found out that children voted for me and by the decision of big children jury I was recognized worthy such a high rank. This reward is really valuable for me because it is a sign of children’s recognition”. Malika Gelmutdinova thanked everyone who highly rated her activity directed to increasing standards of life of teenage generation and protection of childhood. “Further I will try to justify children’s trust, I will do my best” – said M.Gelmutdinova.

The “Ladoshki order” is a unique Russian project, where pupils participate by giving their votes for adult candidates, that have done a lot for children and childhood protection. The project is supported by the Public Council under the Ministry of education of Saratov region and regional Ombudsman. The project authors are psychologist Sergey Saratovskiy and regional ombudsmen Tatyana Zagorodnaya.

Earlier pupils of Saratov region participated in VIII session of cavaliers choosing of badge of honour of children recognition “Ladoshki order”. The acquaintance with contenders’ biography was going on for a week and ended with voting.

In voting for cavaliers of “Ladoshki order” participate 7500 students from 9 schools of Saratov, Engels and Roven region. It’s interesting that this time each school had its leader among contenders submitted by organizers of the project. At one educational institution teachers led, at another – cultural figure or philanthropist 

In different years the cavaliers of badge of honour of children recognition became: TV host Angelina Volk, singer Edita Pyekha, participants of the first squad of ensemble “Buranovskiye Babushki”, hockey player Vladislav Tretyak, hockey player Ivan Tkachenko (posthumously), heart surgeon Leo Bockeriya, paediatrician Leonid Roshal and many others. 

In 2018 in the honour of 5 anniversary of children’s project, the Russian Post released envelope and memorable stamp “Ladoshki order”. 

The management and collective of NICF “Yardem” congratulates Malika Khanum Gelmutdinova with the high reward and wishes health, peace, well-being and prosperity.