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In “Yardem” foundation on presidential grant funds 100 people from different regions of Russia will pass the rehabilitation

On 20th of November in National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardem” the press-conference took place, which was dedicated to start of realization of social project “Support each other” of “Yardem” foundation with the support of Presidential grants fund of Russian Federation of 2019.

In the event the rehabilitants of “support each other” project participated: wheelchair user, disabled people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and disabled people with cerebral palsy, which pass the rehabilitation in education-rehabilitation centre NICF “Yardem” now, partners of the project, the employee of the Foundation, representatives of public organizations and representatives of mass media.

According to the message of President of National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardem”, Ismagilov Ilgam, the social project “Support each other” is implemented in terms of co-financing with the use of grant of President of Russian Federation for the development of the civil society, which was provided to the Foundation and at the expense of own facilities of the Foundation. The budget of the “support each other” project is 8 516 255 rubbles, 4 883 870 rubbles of which was financed by the fund operator of presidential grants. 3 632 385 rubbles are co-finance of “Yardem” foundation.

The financing of “Support each other” project by presidential grant officially starts from November 2019 and ends in December 2020. Within the project on grant’s facilities, teaching and rehabilitation for 5 groups (about 100 from different regions of Russia) are supposed. The accommodation, food, passing the training program and, if necessary, for their accompanying is made free of charge.

According to Ilgam Ismagilov, during the “Support each other” project the significant part of grant facilities will be directed to special physical rehabilitation equipment and material equipment of the rehabilitation centre. Particularly, on buying training facilities for rehabilitants, for example, for art-therapy the kinetic sand will be bought, light drawing tablets, checkers, chess, fitness equipment, physical therapy expanders. According to the budget, the foundation facilities will go on partial salary for employee, which participate in the project; the purchase of medicines for rehabilitants needs during the year etc.

“This year we would like to introduce a new type of activity for our pupils – boccia game. If someone is not familiar, it is Paralympic kind of sport, the sports game with the ball, close to bowling. It’s the actively developing sport for players with the most severe forms of damage to the central nervous system and spinal industry and has positive impact to physical development and we would like to attach our rehabilitant to this kind of sport” – said I.Ismagilov.

Thanks to this year’s grant the “Yardem” foundation will be able to improve the equipment of the rehabilitation centre, completely replace sleeping places: mattresses, pillows and blankets. Because from the date of opening the building of centre has passed more than 6 years, thousands of people have passed the rehabilitation, which were living in dormitory of centre.

It’s also is planned to buy a special means for receiving hygiene procedures; to equip all rooms with bactericidal recirculators, that disinfected air in rooms; to purchase extra means of rehabilitation: wheelchair and supporting canes; through means of grant during the year for rehabilitant of “Support each other” project will be financed 4 meals a day during the courses.

“I also want to add that in the project boundaries the social park creation is planned. In December of 2018 on territory of “Yardem” complex the inclusive sports playground was opened, which is suitable for visitors of all ages and adopted both for children and people with disabilities. The playground has attracted huge attention from citizens. Considering that the territory of the mosque building is daily visited by rudimentary amount of people (not less than 500 people daily), and the idea of creation on territory the social park has raised. In the project boundaries already started the setting of network installation with the logo image of project, taglines, attracting attention, with short description and indicating QR-code with the link with detailed information. Social park, in our opinion, will help to solve the social problem in attract society’s attention to the disabled people problem” – said the President of NICF “Yardem” Ilgam Ismagilov.

Circumstantially about the “Support each other” project and about the work on rehabilitation of disabled people on the wheelchair, people with the disease of musculoskeletal system and people with cerebral palsy told the director of education-rehabilitation centre “Yardem”, the head of “Support each other” project, the author of methodology of teaching and rehabilitation this category of disabled people, Malika Gelmutdinova.

According to her, this project not accidentially called “Support each other”, because kindness, sincerely participance and help of folks, friends, and each other is very important. Together, helping each other, is easier to find the way to solve the problem of overcoming difficulties, to became active, strong and independent, and that’s why the motto of the project became the words “from a drop of kindness – the ocean of possibilities”.

“The aim of this project is the social adaptation of people with disabilities: people on wheelchair, the people with the disease of musculoskeletal system, and people with the cerebral palsy through conducting rehabilitation courses.” – said the leader of the project.

The problem is that until 17 they refer to category of disabled children and have possibility to visit children’s rehabilitation centres. But after adulthood they have nowhere to go, because for adults this kind of organisation is not created, they are face to face with their problem. Due to lack of elementary communication with the surrounding they can’t interact with others and make contacts, they are not unfamiliar with the rules of conduct in society.

According to Malika Gelmutdinova, the social adaptation provides for getting disabled people the equal opportunity with other members of society, their integration to social environment; but today it is very hard task, that the foundation, society and government is facing.

The complex of all events in projects’ boundaries will help the disabled people to open up new opportunities, to gain independence, self-confidence, to increase self-esteem, to develop willingness to self-education, to get communicative skills for professional self-determination, to discover artistic talents, so that their life became bright and saturated. The lessons will be held according to the level of intelligence, physical and psychological condition of every participant of courses.

According to Malika Gelmutdinova, due to the social project “Support each other”, the people who weren’t able to move independently, to serve themselves, and most of their time spent at home; they will have possibility to study, and further will be able to find work, create a family and realize themselves in life.

“After the end of the courses, communicating with the rehabilitant, we can see that they change, become more confident, independent; this again proves the necessity of the project. We have a lot of examples, when people with limited abilities reach great achievements, realize themselves in life. Their love of life and optimism can set an example for everyone.” – recapped Malika Gelmutdinova. The stories of Lilia Timergalieva, Rasim Karimov, Mariya Minnahmetova, Dmitriy Chenskiy and Islam Kayumov left no one indifferent.

Today’s press conference, which past in “Yardem” foundation, has summarized the chairman board of Kirovskiy district institution of Kazan Tatar republic institution of All-Russian Society of Disabled People – the society of disabled people of Tatarstan, Kadyrov Marat Rafaelovich. According to him, recently in Russian Federation a lot of events are held, which dedicated to the problem of disabled people, educating the society to the tolerance and indulgence. But the problem of disabled people is very severe at the moment.

The initiator of many projects, Pavel Kochkarev, expressed gratitude to the “Yardem” foundation for realization the “Support each other” social project. “Thank to organizers for this wonderful project. It is really good. I spent 15 years to the social adaptation. Of course, I haven’t got to the centres like this. I had to learn everything alone, how to reach something, how to struggle. But if I would get to the program like this in my times, of course, my social adaptation would pass much faster, new possibilities would appear faster.” – said P.Kochkarev.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NICF “Yardem”, general manager “AKF “Audex” ltd. , the member of Public Chamber, Airat Gimautdinov noted that “Yardem” foundation is the leader and the example in the sphere of rehabilitation the disabled people. And it makes a huge contribution in forming the public society.

“As already said, here is not only rehabilitation is held, here is a lot more. The keyword of Malika Khanum is that here people try to see the potential. They try to find and unlock the potential. And at the end people feel useful in society, and this is not comparable to nothing else. So to say, the souls are treated by love, regain the faith in humanity.” – summarized A.Gimautdinov.