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Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov awarded the 2nd Class Medal "For Services to the Society"

Friend, colleague, mentor, teacher, support and hope for many. Loving son, father and brother, pride and example in everything. A man who has given his whole life to social service and help to people in need. This is how Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov, Chairman of the “Yardem” NICF Council, who today celebrated his birthday in the circle of relatives, friends, associates and colleagues, can be described. Yesterday, Ildar Hazrat received congratulations from religious, public and government figures. And the chairman of the presidium of the Union of public figures of the Republic of Tatarstan, Alexei Darenkov, awarded I.Bayazitov with the medal "For Services to the Society", II degree.

“You are a ray of light, the sun for us. You are the discoverer of the blind, ” these words of the blind people today have affected many souls. “Everything is ahead - be yourself,” the rehabilitants sang. These words left no one indifferent.

Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov, not only in Tatarstan, but throughout Russia and the CIS countries, is known as the person who created the system of work with people with disabilities and made it possible for many to believe in themselves. But this is not all: as guests of the holiday noted today, despite their young age, the deeds that were accomplished by Ildar Hazrat can be 100-200 years.

According to the interim head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Republic of Tatarstan, Eduard Khialeev, Ildar Hazrat is a pillar and hope not only for the employees of this department, but also for those who are in prison. Thanks to the fruitful activities of Ildar Hazrat, retreating people have the hope of returning to normal society. And this is the most important thing. As Rafael Davleev, assistant chief of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Republic of Tatarstan noted, at the “Yardem” Foundation, people are given a ticket to life. “Ildar Hazrat never seeks easy ways. It’s his path, Allah’s definite road, ”he said, wishing that this work would continue.

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Yardem Foundation Airat Gimadutdinov noted today, it is not possible to appreciate the work that Ildar Hazrat is conducting. “I am happy that I was involved in the case that Ildar Hazrat organized,” he said.

“We are pleased to rely on you. Thanks to you, we have found our way in the Yardem Foundation, ”said Lilia Timergaleeva. She was supported by other wards of the foundation, who found support and support here.

Today, relatives, friends, associates and colleagues wished Ildar Hazrat health, peace of mind, goals that can be achieved, faithful companions. “To make your ideas come to life,” they concluded.

May the Almighty bestow good in both worlds! Good luck, great noble achievements, health, peace, kindness and prosperity!