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Heroes of Victory. Gali Garifullin

The 75th anniversary of the Great Victory makes us take a fresh look at the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. One of the most respected witnesses of that era is Gali Garifullovich Garifullin.

A native of Kukmorsky district, Gali Garifullovich spent the whole war on the front line.

A twofold escape from enemy captivity, the Order of Glory for taking a spy - these are the characteristics of a true hero who fought for his Fatherland. The war for Gali Garifullovich ended in Czechoslovakia.

In peacetime, Gali Abi worked as a foreman at the Elekon factory in Kazan. The “Yardem” National Islamic Charitable Foundation is honored to be of service to a respected veteran.

As part of the “Road of Life” campaign, volunteers visit Gali Aby every day, bringing hot food and thereby paying tribute to the immortal feat of the hero of the Great Victory.