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Gali Abiy Garifullin, a parishioner of the “Yardem” Mosque, is 100 years old

The leadership of the “Yardem” national Islamic charitable foundation, Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov and Ilgam Ismagilov, came today to congratulate Gali Abiy Garifullin, the oldest parishioner of the Yardem Mosque, on the centennial. The Great Patriotic War veteran, honored by his children and grandchildren, was very pleased with the guests. Gali Aba presented a small gift, a valuable shamail with a fragment of the Qur'anic sura, a food package, but the veteran was more pleased with the attention of the foundation’s management.

A native of Kukmorsky district, Gali Garifullovich spent the entire war on the front line, fled from captivity twice and met the Victory in Czechoslovakia.

The children and grandchildren of a veteran made a small wall newspaper dedicated to the hero of the day. Today, the veteran’s elder grandson is already 24 years old, and his whole family is more than 30 people.

Gali Abiy meets his hundred years in a good mood and in good health, and wishes everyone good health and long life.