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4a Serova str., Kazan
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An action giving strength ...

The “Road of Life” campaign launched by the “Yardem” Foundation since early April continues. The blind, deaf, people with cerebral palsy and various health restrictions, the poor and single pensioners, large families - the circle of recipients of lunch boxes with free meals is wide. And for each recipient - support in the form of dinners - is significant and important.

The blessed month of Ramadan is the month of good deeds in which charitable deeds are rewarded by the Almighty with special generosity.

Do not stay away! Anyone can take part in the campaign "Road of Life".

Hotline number: +79600480778 (card attached to the phone number). Sberbank card 4274 2780 2038 4288. Name: Bayazitov Ildar Rafkatovich.

Details of the National Islamic Charitable Fund "Yardem": NICF "Yardem" TIN 1658087725 IEC 165801001 PSRN 1071600003530 BIC 049205603 c/a 40703810562000000971 a/c 30101810600000000603 to the BANK Tatarstan Branch 8610 PJSC Sberbank.


Purpose of payment: "Charitable aid for feeding the poor."