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Ainur has good news: thanks to caring people, he has an exercise bike!

The boy just needs an exercise bike: now he can strengthen his health daily. And how much happiness and joy this brought to Ainur cannot be described in words.

It is very important for Ainur to do it - in order to maintain muscle tone, improve the working capacity of the nervous system, achieve better coordination of movement and generally feel stronger and healthier boy.

“And how much happiness a son brings such activities - can not be described in words!” - his mother rejoices for the boy.

Meanwhile, we continue to raise money for rehabilitation for Ainur. Classes at home, of course, are useful, but without the professional help of specialists, the boy can not cope.

We express our gratitude to those who participate in such a good deed, helping on the service “Dobro Mail.Ru” you can be sure that the donations will find the recipient, and help is really needed.

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