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Advisory Council established at Yardem National Islamic Charitable Foundation

Yesterday, an Advisory Council has been created at the “Yardem” National Islamic Charitable Fund. The chairman of the “Yardem” NIBF Council Ildar Bayazitov, the president of the “Yardem” NICF Ilgam Ismagilov, the vice president of the foundation, the head of the Rehabilitation Center Malika Gelmutdinova, the head of the Public Council at the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Republic of Tatarstan Rafail Davleev, representatives of various societies of disabled people of the Republic of Tatarstan participated in the first organizational meeting.

The advisory board of the “Yardem” Foundation unites caring people who are always ready to help. It includes people with various health restrictions, members of the OSI, VOG, wheelchair users, oporniks and people with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

The Advisory Board, which will convene on the first Tuesday of every month, will discuss first-hand issues. The Chairman of the NICF “Yardem” Council Ildar Bayazitov, outlining the purpose of creating the Advisory Council, said: “We have a lot of tasks and problems. We will bring up these problems for discussion,” he said.

The Advisory Council will help those people who are in difficult situations - assist people with visual impairments, hearing and people with disabilities of various categories and their families with assistance in providing social assistance, improve their living conditions and (or) expand their ability to independently provide their necessities of life through the provision of constant, periodic assistance.

At the meeting, the chairman of the Advisory Board unanimously elected Tatyana Nikolaeva, the head of the society of the disabled in the village of Yudino, Kazan. She has a great responsibility - to seek solutions to problems associated with persons with disabilities. The vice-chairmen were Kamaria Tarasova from the All-Russian Society of the Blind, Raysa Sabirzyanova from the All-Russian Society of the Deaf and a wheelchair user Kadria Zagidullina.

These people with an active lifestyle are not alien to the problems associated with people with disabilities. For many years they have been waiting for the creation of the Advisory Council in order to jointly resolve the issues that every disabled person faces.

Representatives of the Public Chamber, the Commissioner for Human Rights, deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Tajikistan and the State Duma of the Russian Federation, heads of various ministries and departments are invited to the meetings of the Advisory Council, so that they become closer to people with disabilities, delve into their problems and hear them.

Rafail Davleev, a friend of the Yardem Foundation, the head of the Public Council under the Federal Penitentiary Service for RT, believes that the Yardem Foundation has gone the right way by creating an Advisory Council. ”Civil society institutions play a very large role in our country. Through them, ministries and departments accumulate all complex issues, bring them to the attention of the Public Chamber, the deputy corps and the country's leadership, ”he said.

The next meeting of the Advisory Board will be held on April 7th.