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The meeting was held at the Information Resource Center for Volunteering of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is located in the “Khimikov” Palace of Culture. On the basis of the Center, the work of the headquarters of the Republican movement “Help is Near!” Has been launched: jobs for employees have been organized, the necessary equipment and furniture have been purchased, a call center has been organized, and the site has been established.
Zakat is an annual mandatory tax in Islam that Islamic law requires each Muslim to pay from his property and income. All independent, free, capable adult Muslims must pay zakat, and the proceeds go to a fund to help those co-religionists who are in need. Zakat is paid from a part of the property and money of a Muslim in favor of certain categories of needy people, the amount of deduction from money is 2.5%.
Everyday routine, business, problems absorb people, so no one sees the problems and needs of others, no one helps anyone, everyone is too absorbed in their lives. To make a feat you need to be able to see the needs and desires of others. And for this you need to stop getting hung up on yourself and just look around.
The end of the month of Ramadan, the “Yardem” National Islamic Charitable Fund continues to implement the large-scale charity campaign “Road of Life” in three directions.
Kristina Krylova has a first degree disability - she distinguishes between light and shadow. Almira Khabibullina is the widow of the participant of the Great Patriotic War. They have different fates, but they both live alone and both receive support from the “Yardem” Foundation. Support in the form of ready-made free meals during the campaign “Road of Life” is very significant and timely for them.
Charity and giving alms to the needy reveal a lot of grace to the one who does it. A kind, merciful attitude towards another person becomes the cause of the forgiveness of sins. The Holy Quran says: “Those who spend their property night and day secretly and explicitly have a reward from their Lord. They will not know fear and will not be saddened. ”
The Chairman of the Council of the National Islamic Charitable Fund "Yardem" Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov on behalf of the wards of the Yardem Foundation, employees and myself personally thanked all those who are interested in helping to carry out the campaign "Road of Life"!
The leadership of the “Yardem” national Islamic charitable foundation, Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov and Ilgam Ismagilov, came today to congratulate Gali Abiy Garifullin, the oldest parishioner of the Yardem Mosque, on the centennial. The Great Patriotic War veteran, honored by his children and grandchildren, was very pleased with the guests. Gali Aba presented a small gift, a valuable shamail with a fragment of the Qur'anic sura, a food package, but the veteran was more pleased with the attention of the foundation’s management.
Every day, volunteers and employees of the “Yardem” Foundation deliver lunch boxes with free lunches to those in need. These are blind, deaf, people with cerebral palsy and various health restrictions, poor and single pensioners, large families, WWII veterans, mothers with children with disabilities. And for each recipient - support in the form of dinners - is significant and important.
Valentina Fateeva worked as a foreman at the post office, as a grinder at the “Kyzyl-Kunche” Kazan chrome leather factory, as a master vegetable grower at the “Maisky” greenhouse farm.