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Work with addicted people

Rehabilitation center "YARDEM" ("Help") provides assistance to people who are faced with alcohol and drug addiction!


Our principles and methods of work:

-Free initial consultations of specialists;

-A comprehensive approach to treatment;

-Planned medical examinations and tests;

-Conversations with specialists (psychologist, psychotherapist, etc.);

-Spiritual education (group lessons with the Imam, attendance at Friday sermons, prayer room);

-Halal (organized catering lectures conducted by representatives of the Halal standard committee);

-Sports games, excursions, creative evenings.

Payment: cash / bank transfer, transfer to the current account. Treatment terms: individual, from 3 to 6 months.

We are ready to help you. +7 (965) 589 0755. Site of the Rehabilitation Center "YARDEM" ("Help") https://fondyardyam.ru/